About Us

West Hartford Girls Soccer League  

Our Mission

The mission of the West Hartford Girls Soccer Club is to make the sport of Soccer attractive and available to West Hartford girls between the ages of 6 and 19 for training, recreation and competitive purposes.

Our Goals

To support these programs with an organization which is efficient in its operation.

To provide entry level and recreational programs which are attractive and encourage the participation of novice soccer players.

To provide competitive programs which challenge and develop advanced skill players for participation in inter town and state leagues.

To provide a soccer experience which meets the desired level and frequency of training, play and seasons for West Hartford girls.

To develop players who are capable of qualifying and participating in high school, college, state and national level clubs.

To provide an organization which positively promotes the development of quality athletes, referee’s and coaches.

To support and encourage the improvement and development of quality facilities and fields for soccer in West Hartford.

Board of Directors
Paul Glover, President [email protected]

Mike Fournier, Past President [email protected]

Scott Mangini, Treasurer [email protected]

Marie Baker, Secretary [email protected]

Judi Gallinato. At-Large [email protected]

Sue Hungeford, At-Large [email protected]

Phil Sinisgali, At-Large [email protected]

Reid Walmark, At-Large [email protected]

Terry Cohn, Spring Coordinator (Junior, Senior, Alumni) [email protected]

Tom Burns, Senior Division Supervisor [email protected]

Open, Junior Division. Supervisor

Open, Mites Division Supervisor

Tom Binder, Training Division Supervisor [email protected]

Paul Sciarra, Travel Division President/CJSA Representative [email protected]

Dana Gordon, Equipment Manager [email protected]